This work is pure alchemy. Christopher’s process invites transformational integration of the physical self with the True One Self in an accessible and knowable way. The daily work is simultaneously relaxing, grounding, energizing and expanding and transmits well-being and presence throughout the day.


This breathwork is truly the most transformative work I’ve ever had the privilege of being a part of. I uncovered things about myself that have shifted the way I see myself, the way I make decisions and the way I live my life which has resulted in a deeper connection and freedom on levels I never knew existed.”


This breathwork is a spiritual art. The music, breath and sounds have a way of cracking me wide open. It has awakened my primal energies – the wild woman archetype and left me feeling powerful af.


Wow! The medicine I received from breathwork and sound was beyond anything I could have Imagined. My whole body felt tingly and activated. It’s always an amazing experience and release. Thank you!


I’ve been consistent with Wim Hof Method Breathing for 6 months now and this just took it to another level. Every part of my life as skyrocketed as a result. I can’t imagine life without this breathwork.


This work has really opened things up for me. I’ve woken up to more of myself and in a way that was gentle yet very empowering. Now, I feel much more alive, aware and connected to my soul’s truth than ever before.


There’s a timelessness to this work that every time resulted in an euphoric state of being. The uncoverings of my life and deep sense of self that have unfolded each time in these experiences, are beyond cherished in my heart. I’m eternally grateful for Chris’ service to the world and all that he embodies. What a gift!!


I manifested my dream house today. It’s here and it’s mine and I feel it’s because of this work. I strongly recommend this to anyone. I feel my inner world evolving and my vibration rising steadily. There is no free meditation out there like this. You get exactly what you pay for!


This breathwork has taught me that I am more powerful than I was giving myself credit for. From committing to my practice everyday, to the deep wisdom and realizations I received in each breathwork session, I connected to myself and my intuition more than ever.


Thank you so much Chris for your guidance in the breathwork journey. I am beyond words. This was the most powerful body experience I’ve ever had. I could feel my solar plexus being (re)activated and my whole body was vibrating and beaming with light. Infinite gratitude. Tears of grace.

Thank you so much for this journey. This was something spectacular. I feel connected to my higher self. I’m more relaxed, feel worthy and good in my body. I’ve stopped overeating and build strong connection with my spirit and body. I’ve more compassion, empathy and now I deeply understand everything around me. I’ve softened.

What you do is impossible to describe. It’s a whole other level. This work has changed my life. I’ve released limiting beliefs, patterns and programs that have held me back for my entire life. Thank you for this powerful medicine and service to the world.


To summarize it: I feel much more alive and aware, more able to make things happen. Thanks so much for this incredible journey, Chris!


I feel lighter and more content after the breathwork which carries through my day. I highly recommend anyone interested in creating a deeper connection and more life fulfillment take on Chris as their breathwork teacher.


Beats + Breath Sonic Breathwork journeys will awaken your senses, move you to self-discovery and guide you to receive the joy filled messages from the “divine”. A truly nourishing experience!


Christopher is a very knowledgable and truly gifted practitioner and teacher. Sonic Breathwork is the key that helped me unlock the door to a new journey. It’s helped me find and walk into a new paradigm. I am forever grateful.


Every time I do this breathwork, my mind becomes calm and quiet, allowing me to experience profound spiritual visions. Christopher is very gentle while pushing your limits so that you can transcend. If you get a chance to do this breathwork, I highly recommend it. Having this tool has transformed my life.


Just want to express my gratitude to you for everything you do. Since finding this breathwork, I’ve truly experienced so much transformation in my life and I’m very grateful!