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in less than 15 minutes using the power of your breath

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Meditation. Revolutionized.

We’re taking meditation to a whole new level. By blending the two primordial forces of life (breath and sound), we create transformational experiences that are guaranteed to elevate the way you think and feel in a matter of minutes.


Daily Activation (Sample)

by Beats and Breath

Ancient Healing Modalities Meet Modern Music Production

Our breakthrough sonic breathwork™ technology

Unlike typical meditation that uses ambient soundscapes, we blend easy-to-follow, rhythmic breathing and cutting-edge musical compositions with binaural beats and healing frequencies to uplift, optimize and empower your every day life.


From the theme to the music to the guidance, each experience is created, produced and infused with intent to ensure you experience peak states of clarity on your path ahead.


Carefully engineered with contemporary music that ranges from (trap, hip hop, rock & R&B) and the latest advancements in bioacoustics, we’ve created a state of the art technology that attunes your brainwaves and harmonizes your entire body.


Founded on ancient pranayama breathing techniques, our breathwork is specifically designed to transform, heal and enhance your wellbeing in a way that traditional meditation doesn’t.

The Beats + Breath Afterglow

“By the time I was finished, I felt like I was floating and vibrating from head to toe. Absolutely magical.”

Personal Trainer

“I’ve been consistent with Wim Hof Method Breathing for 6 months now and this just took it to another level.”

Heavyweight Boxer & Yoga Instructor

“There’s a timelessness to this technology that every time has resulted in an euphoric state of being.”

Intuitive Guide

Breathe your way to bliss.

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Amplify your vitality and clarity
Enhance your creativity and performance
Reduce your stress and brain fog
Experience more inner peace and joy
Release limiting fears, beliefs and doubts
Improve your sleep and wellbeing
Boost your immune system and digestion

You’re Only One Breath Away…

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