Our corporate breathwork programs help leaders, teams and organizations significantly reduce their stress so they can amplify their wellbeing, impact and productivity


Significantly reduce stress and burn out and increase your clarity, emotional intelligence and mood


Activate untapped life-force energy and amplify your focus, productivity and decision making


Step into the a state of flow and enhance your creativity, motivation and problem solving 


Now, more than ever, leaders and their organizations around the globe are experiencing the negative ramifications on mental health and wellbeing as a result of the rapid change in the business landscape over the past 24+ months.

With stress, burnout and uncertainty on the rise, to ignore the problem will result in increasingly unmanageable costs, poor performance and the decline in the overall wellbeing of the organization as a whole.



According to a Gallup report published in 2021, stress and depression accounted for 50% of all work-related health cases.

According to a 2022 Deloitte study, workplace burnout was up 70x since before the pandemic. Other contributing factors included lack of support from leadership, long hours and unrealistic deadlines

According to the AIS, stress is estimated to cost American companies up to $187 billion a year in health costs, absenteeism and poor performance



Without the proper tools and practices to regulate one’s mental and emotional health, everything from morale to performance will decrease, thus creating a negative impact on the  organization as a whole.

While wellness and mindfulness programs in the workplace have been on the rise, and for good reason, we have a new set of needs to deal with that many of these programs are not able to address.

Practices like yoga and traditional meditation, although important, often require a lot of time and long-term commitments to be fully effective. Therefore, now, more than ever, it is crucial requirement for wellness solutions to be effective, simple and accessible.


A high-impact, time efficient and low effort short-cut to emotional regulation, clear thinking, creative flow and an entirely new and empowered state of being.

Sonic Breathwork™ is transformational practice and technology that combines the power of rhythmic breathing, original and cutting-edge musical compositions and the latest advancements in bioacoustics to help you elevate your physical, mental, emotional and energetic wellbeing from the inside out.


The results of practicing Sonic Breathwork™ are immediate and undeniable and the latest scientific research is now showing that conscious breathing has a positive psycho-physiological impact. Here are just a few of the many benefits:

Amplified vitality, focus and performance

Increased clarity, creativity and problem-solving

Reduced stress, overwhelm and brain fog

Deeper sense of inner peace, freedom and fulfillment

Release limiting beliefs, patterns and fears

Improved sleep and overall wellbeing

Stronger immune system and digestion


Our virtual and in-person workshops and programs offer a unique blend of breathwork, meditation and strategies to help enhance your workplace culture, reduce your healthcare costs, maximize employee retention and increase your overall brand and company wellbeing.


One-time, 60-minute virtual Sonic Breathwork™ journey,  meditation  and integration


Weekly 60-minute live virtual sessions, plus access to a private members portal with replays, audio programs and videos


Luxury, all-inclusive retreats for Leaders, Founders and C-Suite executives


How does it work?

You simply lay on your back in a comfortable position. Christopher August creates a specific series of breathwork rounds that infuse music and breath sounds to help motivate, relax and release anything that is “stuck”.

Before the breathing begins Christopher will guide you through the process and explain the physical, emotional and spiritual elements of the practice and then lead you through a meditation to relax your body and mind.

Once the breathwork begins you will go through 3-4 rounds (30-45 minutes) of deep, rhythmic breathing with breath retention phases in between each round. 

After the breathwork, Chrisotpher will guide you back to your body and open up an opportunity for a group share to integrate the experience.

What can I expect during a session?

Breathwork is totally experiential and it’s not only a different experience for everyone, it is different every time you do it. However, there are common sensations and feelings that people receive, including (but not limited to):


      • Buzzing / tingling in the hands, feet or other areas of the body
      • Tetany – a symptom that involves involuntary muscle contractions, cramping or tightening, generally in the hands or feet
      • Emotional release through the form of crying, laughing, shaking
      • Visual imagery in the form of colors, geometry, etc.

You may experience all, some or none of these things. It’s important to note that if you’re pregant or experience a heart/lung condition, please consult your medical professional.

Where are the sessions held?

Christopher faciliates both in-person and virutal sessions via Zoom. If working with Christopher in-person, costs will vary.

What do the participants need for each session?

For viritual sessions – a pair of headphones and a comfortable place for each participant to sit or lay down.

For in-person sessions – a room big enough for everyone to lay on the floor comfortably, enough mats and/or blankets per person and a sound system. 

(Eye masks are optional but highly suggested )


What does it cost?

All costs vary as they are dependent on the program chosen, how many employees, etc. Please complete the form at the bottom of this page to inquire.


Christopher’s weekly session have supported me and my leadership team in such a profound way. His gentle, yet powerful guidance has not only helped me reduce my overall stress levels, but completely enhanced my productivity and workflow.

– Kristen


Our 6-week breathwork program with Christopher was extremely transformational. His work has create a more coherent and cohesive work environment during these uncertain and often tumultuous times. People have experienced deep levels of healing and as a result their energy levels are through the roof, they have less visible stress and performing at a much higher level. I believe this has directly led to the financial gains and profitability we’ve experienced over the last 6 months.

– Jonathan


Christopher gave myself and my team the tools to heal and transform ourselves on such a deep level. As someone who has tried various meditations and breathwork, his breathwork is by far the best I’ve ever experienced. It takes you deep quick, allowing you to clear stagnant energy and emotions that are holding you back from accessing greater levels of energy and clarity. I highly recommend his work to anyone who wants to level-up.

– Monica



We will email you back within 24-48 hours with more details