A  40-Day Sonic Breathwork Experience to Help You Rise Into Your Greatest Self



 Ascend is more than just a breathwork journey. It is a pathway to a more alive, abundant and authentic YOU. Together, through the power of Sonic Breathwork™ and somatic coaching you will take a journey within to help you release your inner blocks and barriers holding you back unlocking greater levels of clarity, vitality, fulfillment and freedom.

“My experience with the Ascend program was nothing short of miraculous. After having gone through this experience, I’m now more grounded, balanced and deeply connected to myself and others. I cleared so many wounds and imprints, that have been with me for 30+ years. I now have so much more love for myself and a greater sense of purpose and direction.”


“This program was truly the most transformative work I’ve ever had the privilege of being a part of. I uncovered things about myself that have shifted the way I see myself, the way I make decisions and the way I live my life which has resulted in a deeper connection and freedom on levels I never knew existed.”



  • You desire to live with more energy, confidence, and inspiration, but oftentimes you feel lethargic, stressed, and anxious.
  • You often feel stressed, like you’re always being pulled in a million directions and never seem to have enough time for self-care, to honor your needs, and get the things done that move the needle on your goals and dreams.
  • You feel stuck in reactive loops and negative thought-patterns and don’t know how to release the blockages from your body and past.
  • You wish you could experience more abundance, fulfillment, and prosperity in every area of your life, but you can’t seem to break through the “survival-mind” thinking and lack mindset.
  • You’re ready to uncover your authenticity and embody your truth unapologetically, but you can’t seem to hear the tune of your heart amidst all the societal pressure and responsibilities you have.
  • You feel like you’re living life on auto-pilot, making choices and decisions that are out of alignment with who you truly are and what you want.

In this fast-paced, pressure-driven world, it’s easy to get caught up in the complexity of modern life.

With a societal system that prizes achievement over fulfillment and doing over being, the push and pull between work, relationships, family, finances, pleasure, and self-care can feel overwhelming.

The effort required to simply keep up with the demands of modern living can zap your energy, disconnect you from your center, and lead you into higher levels of stress, tension, anxiety, and depression over time.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

  • What life would look like if you could live with less stress and more confidence, fulfillment and freedom.
  • What would change in your life if you could heal the past and step into the version of yourself you always dreamed of?
  • To live with an open heart and embody your authentic nature and speak your full truth.
  • How much flow would arise from gaining clarity on your higher vision, purpose and mission in this lifetime?
  • To cultivate a deeper connection and sense of peace with yourself, others and the world.

Everything you need and desire; the abundance, the confidence, the fulfillment and the freedom is already within you waiting to emerge.

Therefore it’s not about what you do, but what you BEcome in this process.

When your inner world (your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions) become aligned in a vortex of gratitude, you create an external reality that mirrors that.

It’s from this space of radical embodiment where you call forth your true power, purpose and sovereignty; it’s where answers you long for will come to meet you with grace and ease.

And it all starts with your breath.

The breath is your greatest superpower and one of the most effective ways to heal, optimize and enhance all areas of your life, including your health, wealth, relationships and wellbeing. It is a direct pathway to your liberation and a gateway to your true self.


A Live 40-Day Sonic Breathwork and Somatic Coaching Experience

6 Live Breathwork and Coaching Sessions ($1497 Value)

Each Sunday for six weeks, we will meet as a group on Zoom for breathwork journeys and somatic integration coaching. Replays will be sent after each session

Premium Breathwork Recordings ($397 Value)

Get access to our full library of breathwork journeys and meditations

On-Demand Videos ($147 Value)

A step-by-step guide to teach you how to maximize these revolutionary practices, plus therapeutic breathing techniques you can use throughout your day to combat stress, tension, and worry.

Private Access To Members Area ($97 Value)

Gain lifetime access to all downloadable videos, workbooks and audios from your desktop or mobile device.

Weekly Workbooks ($27 Value)

Easy to follow journal prompts to schedule all your get-to-do’s, record your thoughts, feelings, and insights to manifest your highest vision.


Sound Healing and Meditations ($97 Value)

Relaxing sounds and guidance to help you reduce your stress and recharge.

 Magnetize and Manifest Workshop ($47 Value)

Learn how to align with your highest dreams, desires and visions

Total Value: $2179

You Can Join Ascend For Just $333

(That’s only $8.25 per day)


Thank you so much for this journey. This was something spectacular. I feel connected to my higher self. I’m more relaxed, feel worthy and good in my body. I’ve stopped overeating and build strong connection with my spirit and body. I’ve more compassion, empathy and now I deeply understand everything around me. I’ve softened.

This work is pure alchemy. Christopher’s process invites transformational integration of the physical self with the True One Self in an accessible and knowable way. The daily work is simultaneously relaxing, grounding, energizing and expanding and transmits well-being and presence throughout the day.


This program was such an amazing experience. It came to me in the moment of self doubt and existential crisis and it really was so helpful that I’m not able to describe my gratitude. The group, Chris’s support and the ability to hold a space, made this program a beautiful experience. Thank you so much.



Transform the inner blocks and barriers that stand in your way from fully embodying your limitless potential. Each week will meet live on Zoom for an immersive breathwork journey. In between our live sessions, you will receive pre-recorded journeys and workbooks that you will use each day that week.



Expand Your Awareness

Tap into your universal life-force energy to step into pure presence and peace within you.



Crystalize Your Vision

Gain supreme clarity on your life’s vision and cultivate the courage and confidence to bring it to life.



Ignite Your Passions

Passions are the guidepost of your soul. In week 3 you’ll gain clarity on what you love and what makes your heart come alive.



Release Your Limitations

Dissolve the physical, mental, and emotional barriers and open your heart to new levels of compassion, love, and gratitude.



Liberate Your Prosperity

Clear away imprinted programs and fears related to safety and survival by grounding into your inner abundance.



Reclaim Your Power

This is your moment to embody the new version of you. In week 6 we’ll be recapping the entire program while giving everything you need to move forward with confidence.


Thank you so much Chris for your guidance in the breathwork journey. I am beyond words. This was the most powerful body experience I’ve ever had. I could feel my solar plexus being (re)activated and my whole body was vibrating and beaming with light. Infinite gratitude. Tears of grace.

The breath alchemy you facilitate is f*cking amazing!! Every time I do your breathwork I can feel the music and breath vibrating in my hands and entire body. I feel so much more like my true self and I’ve reached a deep place of clarity within myself. Thank you so much. It’s an absolute pleasure!


“The 40-day breathwork experience is a precious gift. Breathing so deeply for that many days positively shifted my life. I healed through deep layers of wounds I was carrying. As a result I feel much more alive and aware, more able to make things happen in my life. Thanks so much for this work.



Choose the plan that works for you


Meet Your Guide

Christopher August – Master Breathwork Facilitator, Transformation Teacher and Co-Founder of Beats and Breath

As the creator of Sonic Breathwork,™ Christopher believes that all healing and transformation begins and ends with the breath. His work offers a synthesis and fusion of a wide range of self-empowerment and healing tools, practices and resources to help you reclaim your power and liberate your most alive, abundant and authentic self.


Frequently Asked Questions

What time are the weekly calls?

Each Sunday for 6 weeks we’ll meet via Zoom. Times are to be determined and are subject to change. We’ve had people enroll from around the globe so depending upon who’s in this round of the program and where they’re from, they may vary to ensure everyone can attend.

What are the benefits of practicing breathwork?

Sonic Breathwork™ is a safe and effective practice that combines breath and sound to help you:

-Feel more motivated, inspired, and passionate

-Supercharge your energy, clarity, and focus

-Unleash peak states of creativity, productivity, and presence

-Upgrade your happiness, mood, and wellbeing

-Generate more prosperity and abundance

-Increase your manifestation potential

-Experience higher fulfillment and more restful sleep

-Form deeper connections and more meaningful relationships

-Be more accepting and appreciative of yourself

-Experience and embody your true self

Are there any precautions I should take before practicing breathwork?
Where do I access all the program content?