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Beats and Breath is an On-Demand Sonic Breathwork™ and Meditation Studio featuring multi-sensory journeys and programs to elevate the way you think, feel and live.

Meditation. Reimagined.

Ancient Healing Modalities Meet Modern Music Production

Unlike typical meditation that uses ambient soundscapes, we fuse together easy-to-follow, rhythmic breathing practices with cutting-edge musical compositions with the latest advancements in bioacoustics to create immersive, mind-expanding experiences.

Daily Activation (Sample)

by Beats and Breath


From the theme to the music to the guidance of the journey, each experience is created, produced and infused with purpose.


Carefully engineered with contemporary music that ranges from (trap, hip hop, rock & R&B) and the latest advancements in bioacoustics, we’ve created a state of the art technology that harmonizes and optimizes your body, mind and spirit.


Founded on ancient breathing techniques, our science-backed breathwork is simple, yet very effective for transforming you from the side out in a way that traditional meditation doesn’t.

The Beats + Breath Afterglow

“By the time I was finished, I felt like I was floating and vibrating from head to toe. Absolutely magical.”

Personal Trainer

“I’ve been consistent with Wim Hof Method Breathing for 6 months now and this just took it to another level.”

Heavyweight Boxer & Yoga Instructor

“There’s a timelessness to this technology that every time has resulted in an euphoric state of being.”

Intuitive Guide

Live life to a new rhythm.

Whether you want to experience deeper calm and relaxation, improved focus and performance, or heightened creativity and connection to purpose, you can access our library from anywhere in the world, from any device.


Experience the power of the elements through breathwork

A compilation of five elemental (33-minute) Sonic Breathwork™ journeys that are designed to help you upgrade your energy, strengthen your spiritual connection & activate your higher power.

Prime My Life

The Ultimate Morning and Evening Routine

An all-in-one daily routine that will help you start and end your day right. Through the power of Sonic Breathwork™ and Priming techniques you will be catapulted into highly euphoric and harmonized states.


Upgrade Your Mind and Awaken Your Supernatural Self

A multi-layered journey to help you go deeply into the mind to dissolve subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from experiencing true peace, happiness and liberation.

Coming soon!

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